About Us

Let’s see where do I start. Might as well take down the journey I have to take during my adventure of what started as a hope and a dream. But through pure grit, stubbornness and a lot money and hours learning all the different courses until i found the right people I wanted to learn from. See this what learned over the years you got to try to find someone you can learn from that has the kind of mindset as you do.

See I was born and raised in this little city Glens Falls, New York. It was once called “Good ole’ Hometown, USA…” But the really isnt much around here compared to the bigger cities as you go west or south sides of the state. This was my reasoning for learning online cause of me being in sports most of my life I searched for the people with take no prisoner’s mentality to learn from.

I am not gonna lie and say I got lucky and worked on the first try for me cause I would be lying to you if I did. I learned through trial and error of what I was learning over the years. Not just one person but from a few different ones. With time I would figure out how to be a SEO company in Glens Falls NY. I was getting my results with what I was learning and than came up with my own system that works for me.

With this being said this what we try to achieve for themselves can every one journey is bound to be different especially as the markets change so does the techniques that use for earning that particular client success. And this done through extensive research and coming with a strategy that can be a good battle plan so you can try own your market in your local area.

Having the right mindset is the whole key when you do internet marketing. that is I continually watch videos like this to build my motivation try to be version of me not only for myself but also for my clientele.